Unity 5 Announced at GDC 2014, Pre-order Begins

Unity 5Unity Technologies unveils Unity 5, the next generation of the award-winning Unity multiplatform engine and development tools, during its Developer Day at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Unity 5 brings a wealth of new capabilities and features enabling all developers, from the smallest indie teams to the largest studios, to create amazing games and interactive experiences, and painlessly deploy them to almost any platform. Unity 5 is available for pre-order from the Unity Store and includes access to Unity 4 and all its remaining updates.
Unity 5 includes a host of new abilities, including the following marquee features:
Physically-based Shading
- Real-time Global Illumination with Enlighten
- Real-time Lightmap Previews
- Audio Overhaul
- WebGL Add-on Early Access
- Unity Cloud


Author: dimson3d
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