Maya LT Launches On Steam

Autodesk Maya LT 2015 on SteamGame designers from big or small studios will be able to gain easy access to the necessary design tools to make the sort of games they've always wanted, without requiring a massive budget or state of the art NASA tech. How will this be possible? Well, Autodesk has announced that Maya LT, a “light” version of the Maya animation and 3D sculpting tools will be made available on Steam.
Not only can you model and animate your character, but you can also texture and light your character, enabling you to get everything done from one source without having to import, export or transfer the file from one tool to the next, which is sort of what happens when you make objects in design tools like Zbrush, HDR Light Studio or Composer. Being able to get everything done in one fell swoop cuts down on both time and money, as you'll only need one tool to bring your characters to life and use them in engines and design environments that support OBJ and FBX formats.


Author: dimson3d
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