Pluralsight acquires Digital-Tutors to bring you 1,500+ creative skills courses

Plursight buy Digital-TutorsWhat technical resources do companies need to succeed in 2014? Certainly, they need highly skilled developers and IT admins, the backend wizards who set up the systems and write the code that power the most innovative businesses of today. But what about the frontend, the creative imagery and user experience that moves customers to interact with and purchase your product?
With nearly 1,500 courses today, Pluralsight aims to fulfill your dev and IT training needs, but we’re excited to announce we aren’t stopping there. We’ve recently acquired Digital-Tutors, the premier online training company for today’s tech-oriented creative professionals!
This acquisition brings 1,500 of the highest quality creative courses to Pluralsight, doubling the size of our library to 3,000 courses. While most of our competitors cast a wide net, offering training for beginners and hobbyists, Pluralsight is the only training resource on the planet that gives software developers, IT admins and creative professionals the training they need to succeed at every level of their careers. By offering comprehensive training on the three core skills that all tech-savvy businesses need to thrive, this trifecta presents a powerful tool for individuals, schools and businesses.
Companies including Nike, DreamWorks, EA Sports and Pixar rely on Digital-Tutors to train their employees on everything from graphic design and animation to 3D sculpting and modeling to CAD and game development. Like Pluralsight, Digital-Tutors works with top experts to produce new online training daily. While Pluralsight now produces 30-50 new courses per month, and we’ll remain committed to bringing you the same IT and dev courses you’ve come to count on, we expect our new course rate to double to 60-100 with Digital-Tutors on board.
Since its founding in 2000, Digital-Tutors has built partnerships with industry-leading hardware and software providers, including Autodesk, Wacom, Maxon, The Foundry and Pixologic, to deliver the latest creative technology training to its customers.


Author: dimson3d
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