RV 4.0.12 Release

Tweak Software RVRV 4.0.12 has been released today and is ready to download. This release has lots of new features and many bug fixes and refinements. This is a maintenance update and is free to users under current maintenance.
Highlights of 4.0.12:
- RAW Photographic Image Support - RV now reads RAW formats such as Canon CR2, DNG, Nikon NEF, Fuji RAF, DNG and AR2. RAW image support is considered Beta -- please check it out and send us feedback.
- H.264 performance improvements for scrubbing and playing backwards. This should make a big difference for H.264 (and other interframe codecs).
- RVIO Quicktime output file size now matches that of FFMPEG binary for same parameters
- OpenColor IO - Extensive updates make OCIO more flexible in RV
- AJA SDI upgrades
- - IO 4K support for thunderbolt including 4K output formats
- - HDMI monitoring including 4K
- - AJA control panel module allows device configuration using AJA control panel


Author: dimson3d
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