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Тема в разделе "CG news", создана пользователем dimson3d, 29 окт 2011.

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    “Abiogenesis was a labor of love. A doodle taken to the nth degree,” says artist Richard Mans, describing his first animated short film.
    After spending several years as a freelance animator, Mans wanted more. He wanted to create art with meaning. He wanted to take his work to a new level. He wanted more from his existing software tool set. “I realized that the only way forward for me,” he says, “was to make a short film.” And Abiogenesis was born.

    Mans Mission

    “I started working on the robot that is the main character in the film when I first started teaching myself animation—just playing around with shapes in 3D space, with no grand designs,” Mans describes. The digital robot became part of his first show reel, was developed a bit further as a show piece, and then simply made for an interesting spectacle.
    After resolving to make a short film, Mans had trouble settling on an idea for the piece.
    “I wanted to create something that would advance my work and style, be unique to my sensibilities, and inspire a sense of awe and beauty, while touching on universal themes.” The idea for what would become Abiogenesis fell into place when Mans saw animations depicting NASA's Mars Rover, inspiring him to ascribe a meaningful mission to his own robot.

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